Personal Safety


Torso Protection


Essential to protect the major surface of the skin.


Overalls complements for covering the torso, thighs and knees. Should be used in loading and unloading of products and when preparing mixtures or cleaning equipment.


Head Protection

Hat, cap or hood:

Should be used to prevent the product to touch the skin and hair during the application


Hand protection


Fundamental to the dermic protection of hands. Can be latex, PVC, acrylonitrile or neoprene. Must wear under sleeves of the shirt.


Foot protection


Always under the trousers to avoid the sprayer get into the boot. Must be high and thick soles.


Eye protectors (can be of two types)

Glasses or goggles

A fundamental element of protection in any type of application of agrochemicals. It is important to have a panoramic view with anti-fog perforations.


Respiratory Protection

There are different types of breath protection. Each brand has coded different filters, encoded interchangeable for each chemical substance.

When mixing powders, it is required that you wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth (not like when spraying) and which should be discarded at the end of the job. After the work is completed, remove clothing and wash it, separated from the rest of the other clothes.

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